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Sanctuary Swala Camp

Sanctuary Swala is located in a secluded area of Tarangire National Park, one of the most exciting and least visited parks in the country.

In the heart of Maasai country and a remote corner of the Tarangire, in total seclusion amongst giant acacia trees and looking out beyond the flat savannah, Sanctuary Swala offers a very exclusive safari experience. The picturesque landscape is filled with ancient baobab trees, ambling elephants and birds in flight. Built to the highest eco-friendly standards, this camp has a particularly low-carbon footprint.

Why Sanctuary

Why Sanctuary Swala

  • Located in an exclusive pocket of Tarangire National Park
  • Variety of activities include morning and evening game drives, walking and night game drives
  • Sundowners, bush dinners and picnics
  • An opportunity to visit Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy Projects including Mwika Beekeeping Project

Sanctuary Swala Philanthropy

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy (SRP)

Sanctuary Swala is actively involved with the community through a unique beekeeping project and a special needs school situated in Arusha.

Read more about our work through these two projects or take a look at our other philanthropy projects throughout Southern and East Africa.