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Sanctuary Ananda

All Sanctuary Ananda cruises start and end in either Bagan or Mandalay. Both are easily accessible from Yangon International Airport.

Bagan (Naung Oo) is a small domestic airport that can be reached from all major tourist destinations within Myanmar. The jetty is located in Naung Oo only 15 minutes from the airport. Mandalay International airport has flights from all destinations within Myanmar and both Singapore and Bangkok internationally. The airport is located 40km south of Mandalay. Below are the addresses for the Mandalay and Bagan Jetties.

Bagan (Taung Phi)

Sanctuary Retreats Co., Ltd
Taung Phi Lae Yar Village

Mandalay (Gaw Wein jetty)

Sanctuary Retreats Co., Ltd
Building No. A (1) and (2)
Between 35 street x 37 street
Strand Road, Mandalay

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