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Activities - Okahirongo River Camp


Scenic Drives

When you reach this ultra-remote location, you’ll be rewarded with a fascinating landscape. Visit some of the world’s most unusual and picturesque locations, such as the red dunes or the Moon Valley. You can also visit the mysterious fairy circles, perfectly rounded shapes of desert sand in otherwise lush fields. The fascinating circles inspire speculation – were they created by gods, aliens, wild animals… or something else?


Himba Visit

You can visit an authentic Himba village and meet the tribespeople, to get a taste of their lives and culture. See how they have adapted to desert life, including their unusual skincare routine. They use ochre pigment for protection from the harsh desert climate, giving their skin and hair a distinctive reddish hue. We’re grateful to have a close and respectful relationship with the local Himba people.


River Cruise

Get a croc’s-eye-view of the scenery with a cruise along the Kunene in a small pontoon boat. You’ll spot plenty of crocodiles, as well as native birds and plant life. The river forms part of the border with Angola, and you may be able to stop for a peaceful sundowner on the Angolan side of the riverbank. (The boat cruise is not always available from September-November, depending on rainfall)  


Walking Safaris

Walking puts the scale of this epic landscape in perspective. Enjoy a magical early-morning trek along one of the mountain chains that enclose and protect the Marienfluss Valley. Witness the morning rituals of birds and wildlife. A sundown climb is another must, and your effort will be rewarded with exquisite mountaintop views.

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