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Activities - Okahirongo Elephant Lodge


Desert elephants and wildlife

 When you reach this ultra-remote location in the Puros Conservancy, you’ll be rewarded with a fascinating living landscape. You may even spot desert-adapted elephants from the lodge’s sun deck or pool. The expert Himba guides escort you on morning treks or afternoon game drives to encounter a range of desert wildlife: the emblematic elephants, iconic giraffe, Hartmann's mountain zebra, and a wide variety of antelope: gemsbok, springbok, steenbok and kudu, with their unusual striped flanks and manes and the males’ distinctive spiral horns. Birdwatchers will keep their eyes peeled for native and exotic species, from large and lethal vultures to delicate bee-eaters, the distinctive Rüppell's Korhaan and Monteiro's hornbill.


Scenic Drives

The Hoarusib River winds through the heartland of the Puros Conservancy, attracting a variety of large and small wildlife, from elephants and giraffes to oryx and jackals. Scenic drives with our local guides bring you closer to the animals and breathtaking landscapes. The river has carved a path deep into the mountains, creating spectacular cliffs and the stunning natural phenomenon of the “Clay Castles”, thousands of years old and hundreds of metres high, these towering yet fragile castles inspire awe at the power of nature. A scenic drive through the Hoarusib Valley includes a satisfying picnic lunch.



Watch the sun set over the majestic dunes as you sip a delicious sundowner – yet another unforgettable experience. Our guides will set up snacks and drinks whilst guests can experience a sight seen only by a lucky few. Guests can also enjoy sundowners in the tranquil setting of the lodge’s sun deck, and at nearby picturesque locations.

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