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Sanctuary Kusini

Sanctuary Kusini offers a Serengeti safari like no other. This is the only permanent camp in this unspoilt and remote part of the Serengeti and every year wildebeest congregate on the camp's "doorstep".

Perfectly set in the remote southern part of the Serengeti, Sanctuary Kusini's location was specially selected after much research by our guides and the local experts. It overlooks the plains where game are a common sight all year round. Built around a spectacular rocky outcrop and on the path of the wildebeest migration, the camp is ideal for seeing cheetah and wildebeest that congregate on the grassy plains in the calving season from mid-December to March.

Sanctuary Kusini Your Private Serengeti

Why Sanctuary Kusini

  • On the path of the great wildebeest migration
  • Incredible sundowners and cosmic safaris on top of the kopje with 360 degree views
  • The only permanent camp located in the southern Serengeti
  • Fantastic game viewing year round
  • Contribute to the cheetah watch project with your cheetah sighting images

Sanctuary Kusini Cheetah Philanthropy

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy (SRP)

Sanctuary Kusini with the help of its guests are actively involved with the Serengeti Cheetah Project which helps monitor the demographics of the cheetah in the area -   one of the last few remaining natural ecosystems where cheetah exist in viable numbers. 

Read more about our work with this project or take a look at our other philanthropy projects throughout Southern and East Africa.