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Sanctuary Tambarare

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At Sanctuary Tambarare, guests can explore Ol Pejeta Conservancy with daily game drives, where expert guides enrich the experience. In addition to the Big Five and many other animals (from cheetahs and jackal to hippos and hyena), the conservancy is home to over 130 black rhinos.

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The plains come alive at night, with nocturnal animals such as aardvark, white-tailed mongoose, zorilla (striped polecat), bat-eared fox and perhaps even lions and leopard. This nighttime adventure is very special as it's not possible in most of Kenya's national parks and reserves. 

*Additional cost applies and subject to availability at the time of booking

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Get up close and personal with the last two northern white rhino on earth and hear their incredible story. 

*Additional cost applies and subject to availability at the time of booking

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Guests can accompany a ranger and actively help protect these big cats. They'll take notes on specific lions spotted, then report to the Ol Pejeta Ecological Monitoring Department.

*Additional cost applies and subject to availability at the time of booking


HORSE RIDING WITH RHINOS*: Guests can take morning or evening horse rides in the 600-acre endangered species enclosure, alongside northern and southern white rhino, Grevy's zebra and Jackson's hartebeest. 

RIDE THE WILD*: Riding on horseback across the Ol Pejeta plains gives you a unique perspective of the landscape and allows you to get closer to wildlife. 

GUIDED BUSH WALK*: Accompanied by an experienced ranger, these interpretive walks bring you up close and personal with the sights, smells and sounds of the African bush. 

HIPPO HIDE NATURE TRAIL*: Guests walk through the bush along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro river, where hippos keep cool in the shallow water. 

MEET THE NEIGHBOURS COMMUNITY INTERACTION*: Ol Pejeta Conservancy aims to positively impact the surrounding communities through education, agriculture and livestock enterprise. Visit the local communities and see first hand the work the Conservancy undertakes in health care services, sustainable energy and community enterprise initiatives.

RUN THE WILD*: For fitness and adventure fans, there is no better run than a 5 to 7km route across the Ol Pejeta plains.

K9 ANTI-POACHING UNIT*: Meet the incredible K9 Unit dogs - from tracking the scent of a poacher, to detecting ammunition, these animals are imperative in anti-poaching efforts.

SWEETWATERS CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY*: Enjoy a unique opportunity viewing chimpanzees and learn more about the day-to-day care.

*Additional cost applies and subject to availability at the time of booking

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