Giving Back to the Community

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At Sanctuary Retreats, our commitment to building long-lasting relationships with local communities and making a positive difference extends far beyond offering extraordinary experiences in the areas we operate in. We believe in the transformative power of giving back to the communities that have welcomed us with open arms. We invite you to join us on a personal journey, where we explore the philanthropic projects that define our purpose. From education and conservation to healthcare and social empowerment, discover how Sanctuary Retreats is dedicated to creating lasting change and uplifting lives in the incredible landscapes we call home. Together, let's delve into the inspiring stories of our philanthropic initiatives and witness the profound impact we're making in East and Southern Africa's vibrant communities.


1. Community Tours

Our community tours provide a unique opportunity for guests to engage with the local communities. By immersing themselves in cultural experiences, guests directly contribute to the economic growth of these communities. On these tours support local businesses, empower artisans, and see how communities preserve their traditional practices. Through these enriching encounters, we foster mutual understanding and appreciation between our guests and the communities, creating a sense of unity and cultural exchange.

Community tours can be enjoyed at Sanctuary Olonana and Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp


2. Conservation

Human-wildlife conflict is prevalent in remote parts of Africa. Predator species often make an easy meal of cattle, and elephants and other animals trample and eat crops. To educate children about their local wildlife and to inspire appreciation of the unique animals, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy takes children on conservation outings in the Masai Mara, Kenya, and Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. These excursions introduce the animals to the students much in the same way a Sanctuary Retreats guest would experience them. In teaching about the animals and their importance to the ecosystem and the tourism industry, we are building up a new generation of wildlife and conservation advocates.


3. Women's Empowerment

Empowering local communities is at the heart of our philanthropy. We support various empowerment initiatives that focus on education, skills development, and entrepreneurship. Through vocational training programmes we enable individuals to unlock their potential and create sustainable livelihoods. Projects like the Chipego Bike Shop in Nakatindi, Zambia has improved the quality of life for the women who run it and their families. Over the past three and a half years, these extraordinary ladies have repaired and sold over 6,000 bikes. The generated income has enabled these incredible women to build houses, support school fees and put food on the table - all while breaking down gender stereotypes across the community.

You can visit such programmes at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp and Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma.


4. Healthcare

Accessible healthcare is a fundamental right, and we are committed to improving healthcare outcomes in the regions we operate. We partner with local healthcare providers and organizations to support infrastructure development, medical supplies, and capacity-building initiatives. Through our efforts, we aim to enhance healthcare accessibility, particularly in underserved rural areas. By addressing healthcare disparities, we contribute to improved well-being and community resilience.

Guests staying at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp can witness how closely Sanctuary Retreats works with Bwindi's Community Hospital to continually grow its resources. While guests staying at Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma can see our work in Nakatindi, Zambia.


5. Employment Within the Community

When you stay at Sanctuary Retreats, you directly support local communities by creating employment opportunities. Our dedicated team of professionals, hailing from nearby communities, provides exceptional service as guides, camp managers, chefs, and more. Your stay helps contribute to the economic growth of the broader community. By engaging with local artisans and supporting local businesses, you stimulate the local economy and foster entrepreneurship. Choosing Sanctuary Retreats means making a tangible difference by empowering communities and creating sustainable livelihoods.

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