Sanctuary Myanmar River Cruiser

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7 Night Mandalay - Bagan - Mandalay Cruise Ananda

Rates are per person for the duration of the cruise based on double occupancy. For more information, please contact us.



  • Low Season: April, July - August
  • Medium Season: September & December (except 27th December sailing)
  • High Season: January to March, October & November
  • Peak Season:  December 27 sailing

Rates include

  • Accommodation
  • All three meals during full sailing days with lunch and dinner on day of embarkation and breakfast on day of disembarkation
  • Soft drinks and local beer
  • All sightseeing as stated in set itineraries


  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, telephone calls and purchases from the gift shop
  • Wine and spirits
  • Extra optional excursions
  • International & domestic flights
  • Gratuity to staff
  • Medical services, travel insurance or visas

CHILD POLICY (under 12yrs)

Children aged 6 and over are welcome on the Ananda. Children over the age of 12 will be charged full adult rate.

Luxury Suites:

  • These suites may be adapted to accommodate an extra child by converting the sofa into a smaller bed.
  • Maximum occupancy is either two adults with one child or one adult with two children.
  • As the third guest occupying a suite, a child receives a 25% discount

  Deluxe Suites:

  • No triples available.
  • Two sets of  interconnecting deluxe suites are available on the bridge deck.

the Owner's suite

  • Regardless of occupancy, the minimum Owner's Suite rate is two full paying adults.
  • The lounge area can be converted to accommodate an extra adult or one/two children each paying 50% of the adult rate.

river conditions

Myanmar's rivers are subject to seasonal variations in the water level - sometimes by as much as 28 metres. Such changes can occur suddenly and without prior warning - even overnight. This may well result in the ship not being able to sail at the expected speed and/or be unable to pass under bridges or indeed the water level being too low to safely progress.

A beautiful feature of the rivers is its sandbanks but navigationally these also pose many problems - not least of which is the potential to run aground. Such experiences are part of the excitement of any river expedition and are to be expected. Our published itineraries are indication only and subject to change due to all the above.  Additionally from time to time the river authorities may also close sections of the river but we normally get some advance notice of this. 

We will always replace the itinerary based on our 'safety first' philosophy whilst doing all we can to respect the places published or substituting alternatives. It simply may not always be possible to maintain every feature.



Suite Low Medium High Peak
Suite [CCY USD:$1,979|GBP:£1,286|AUD:AUD 2,533|EUR:€ 1,643|CHF:CHF 1,979] [CCY USD:$2,369|GBP:£1,540|AUD:AUD 3,032|EUR:€ 1,966|CHF:CHF 2,369] [CCY USD:$4,899|GBP:£3,184|AUD:AUD 6,271|EUR:€ 4,066|CHF:CHF 4,899] [CCY USD:$5,499|GBP:£3,574|AUD:AUD 7,039|EUR:€ 4,564|CHF:CHF 5,499]
Deluxe Suite (Bagan Deck) [CCY USD:$2,569|GBP:£1,670|AUD:AUD 3,288|EUR:€ 2,132|CHF:CHF 2,569] [CCY USD:$3,089|GBP:£2,008|AUD:AUD 3,954|EUR:€ 2,564|CHF:CHF 3,089] [CCY USD:$5,799|GBP:£3,769|AUD:AUD 7,423|EUR:€ 4,813|CHF:CHF 5,799] [CCY USD:$6,299|GBP:£4,094|AUD:AUD 8,063|EUR:€ 5,228|CHF:CHF 6,299]
Deluxe Suite (Mandalay Deck) [CCY USD:$3,329|GBP:£2,164|AUD:AUD 4,261|EUR:€ 2,763|CHF:CHF 3,329] [CCY USD:$3,999|GBP:£2,599|AUD:AUD 5,119|EUR:€ 3,319|CHF:CHF 3,999] [CCY USD:$6,299|GBP:£4,094|AUD:AUD 8,063|EUR:€ 5,228|CHF:CHF 6,299] [CCY USD:$7,189|GBP:£4,673|AUD:AUD 9,202|EUR:€ 5,967|CHF:CHF 7,189]
Luxury Suite [CCY USD:$4,639|GBP:£3,015|AUD:AUD 5,938|EUR:€ 3,850|CHF:CHF 4,639] [CCY USD:$5,589|GBP:£3,633|AUD:AUD 7,154|EUR:€ 4,639|CHF:CHF 5,589] [CCY USD:$6,999|GBP:£4,549|AUD:AUD 8,959|EUR:€ 5,809|CHF:CHF 6,999] [CCY USD:$7,999|GBP:£5,199|AUD:AUD 10,239|EUR:€ 6,639|CHF:CHF 7,999]
Owner's Suite [CCY USD:$6,399|GBP:£4,159|AUD:AUD 8,191|EUR:€ 5,311|CHF:CHF 6,399] [CCY USD:$7,689|GBP:£4,998|AUD:AUD 9,842|EUR:€ 6,382|CHF:CHF 7,689] [CCY USD:$9,989|GBP:£6,493|AUD:AUD 12,786|EUR:€ 8,291|CHF:CHF 9,989] [CCY USD:$10,989|GBP:£7,143|AUD:AUD 14,066|EUR:€ 9,121|CHF:CHF 10,989]