Zambia - South Luangwa

Zambia - South Luangwa 1

South Luangwa is dubbed by experts as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world due to its intense concentration of game, birdlife and plant life.

The South Luangwa, famous for where walking safaris were pioneered and still one of the best ways to experience the bush up close hosts a wide variety of wildlife and birds. The changing seasons add to the Park’s richness ranging from dry, bare bushveld in the winter to a lush green wonderland in the summer months.

Zambia Chichele Presidential Lodge - Leopard


South Luangwa has over 60 mammal species and 3 sub-species endemic to the valley, Thornicroft's Giraffe, Cookson's Wildebeest and Crawshay's Zebra.  The diverse and highly productive woodland and floodplain supports many herbivores which in turn provides the perfect place for predators to make their home. Some often seen include lions, caracal, wild dog, serval and side striped jackals. The South Luangwa is also consistantly named as one of the top five places in Africa to see leopards. Strangely enough, a number of mammals such as elephant, hippo, giraffe and impala are physically smaller than other related species in Africa. It is almost impossible to visit the South Luangwa without seeing hippo - with an estimated 50 hippos per kilometre of the Luangwa River! This is bird lover's paradise. 400 out of 740 species of Zambia's birds have been recorded in and around the park and it also has a high population of raptors, including four species of vulture, various large eagles, smaller goshawks, sparrow hawks, and many owl varieties.