Summer salmon salad

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Ackim, our head chef, at Puku Ridge Camp, has shared his mouthwatering summer salmon salad recipe for you to try at home on these warm summer evenings...

Serves 3


150 grams of the best quality smoked salmon available - Due to the simplicity of the recipe I would splash and get the best! The proof is in the pudding.

2 large potatoes - cubed and poached until tender and drained

100mL mayonnaise, preferably homemade

Marinated roasted red, yellow and green peppers, drained and diced into small cubes

A few sprigs of flat leaf parsley

60mL lemon dressing (olive oil and lemon juice)


Divide your smoked salmon into three equal portions and place neatly in the centre of each plate.
Mix the potatoes, mayonnaise and peppers in a bowl. Season to taste and place a spoonful on top of the smoked salmon. using a steel ring cutter to add some finesse the presentation.
Top the potatoes with a sprig of parsley and at the last minute dress the plate with the lemon dressing and black pepper.

Finally, enjoy!