Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge


Game viewing in the South Luangwa is considered to be some of the best in the world. The area is excellent for spotting predators especially if you're a leopard lover.

The area is well known for its endemic species such as Thornicroft's giraffe, Crayshay's zebra, and Cookson's wildebeest. Home to probably the highest concentration of hippos in the world, the park also has considerable numbers of elephants, crocodiles, buffalo, lions, wild dogs, impala, puku and various other game. It is estimated that about 400 of Zambia’s 732 species of birds appear in the South Luangwa National Park. These include 39 birds of prey and 47 migrant species.


Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge February 2015 Giraffe

Guests at Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge are often treated to unexpected visits by the local wildlife. Recently we have seen many elephants, baboons, impala and even leopard roaming the grounds. A group of three giraffes were spotted several times outside the bedrooms just lazing about on the grass and eating from the trees.

Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge Lions Sighting

There have been several lion sightings from Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge's guests. They have been seen hanging out around the camp, and while guests have been out on game drives. In particular, there has been a group of three male lions who have been seen several times.

Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge Leopard Sighting

There have been lots of predator sightings around the lodge recently. Particularly, many guests have been lucky enough to see leopards either stalking a meal or resting in a tree. One leopard even made the driveway his bed for a time. Several groups on game drives also saw packs of wild dog while they were in pursuit of prey.

Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge Hippo Sighting South Luangwa

Guests have seen plenty of wildlife down by the Luangwa River. This includes hippo wallowing in the river, crocodiles basking in the sunshine and a wonderful array of birds.

Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge Zebra Walking Safari

Guests who have taken walking safaris around South Luangwa National Park have been very lucky in their sightings recently. There have been great numbers of kudu, zebra, giraffe and impala spotted grazing around the park and guests have managed to get brilliant photographs.