Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge

Zambia Chichele Presdiential Lodge - South Luangwa
Zambia Chichele Presidential Lodge - luxury safari lodge 2
Zambia Chichele Presidential Lodge - luxury safari lodge

The magnificent historic game lodge set in amongst lush primeval forest provides panoramic views across the game-rich valleys of South Luangwa National Park.

On a magnificent hilltop location in the South Luangwa National Park, Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge was once the personal retreat of Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda.

Zambia Chichele Presidentail Lodge

why sanctuary chichele presidential lodge

  • Historic property built as a presidential retreat in the 1970s
  • Children of all ages allowed, with dedicated children's program - perfect for families
  • South Luangwa is well known for its game viewing and endemic species
  • Open year round with all weather access roads