Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Uganda Gorilla Forest Camp 1

Bwindi is home to half the world's remaining population of the mountain gorilla, with 340 individuals counted in the last census. These critically endangered primates share the dense and beautifully green Bwindi Forest with a few other animals.

The bio-diversity of the park also makes it home for more than 350 bird species, 200 butterfly species, eleven kinds of primates including L'Hoest's monkeys, rare forest elephants, giant forest hogs and antelopes.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp 2

sightings - September 2013

Guests are not ony able to view gorillas from the camp but often able to spot L'Hoest's monkey's jumping from tree to tree around the main area of the camp. These primates are considered threatened and vulnerable. They live in small groups mainly dominated by females and usually only have one male in the group. They are herbivores and will mostly eat roots, leaves, fruits and mushrooms. 



Gorilla Forest Camp - August 2013

sightings - august 2013

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp definitely lived up to its name this month when the gorillas once again stopped by for a visit at the lodge. Guests who had just returned to camp after trekking the Rushegura Family were treated to another memorable moment when they could view the gorillas again, this time from the comfort of the camps lounge area. What an ideal viewing of these gentle giants?