Inspire Me

Inspire Me

Want to experience an African safari without compromising in luxury, style and comfort? Our accommodation and itineraries are designed for you in mind.

Africa holds a certain type of mystique in the minds of those steeped in western culture. A land of geographical, biological and cultural diversity, it is a land of endless sweeping vistas, thunderous waterfalls, deep dense forest, and lofty mountain peaks. It is a land where big game roam the earth, giant silverback gorillas contemplate in the misty forest regions, and the people dance and sing in celebration of life. This is a land that deep down, everyone wants to explore, but very few take the step.

You want to see what the fuss is all about, find the big five, get close up to giant gorillas, be filled with awe by the great migration of wildebeest across the Serengeti, fly over the spectacular Victoria Falls, but you want to do it in style and comfort. At Sanctuary Retreats, African safaris and luxury are synonymous; it is our speciality where there is no compromise. Our lodges and camps are located in the most spectacular locations in the world. Our experiences are unique, and our guides are second to none. Our food is world class, made with the freshest ingredients and always cooked to perfection. Our service and attention to detail will ensure total satisfaction.

Explore our range of trip types, there's bound to be luxury safari that will make your mouth water. But don't take our word for it. Make the journey to the captivating heart of Africa. We think you'll be back for more.

Itineraries that could be used when booking Inspire Me Trip Types include:


1.  Botswana and Victoria Falls

Experience the magic of the Okavango Delta and the wildlife that frequents it as well the huge elephant population of the Chobe, followed by the inspiring Victoria Falls.

2.  Tanzania and Gorillas

Combine the majestic Tanzania with the one of the most exhilirating experiences - gorilla tracking. Sanctuary Swala located in the Tarangire National Park and Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp situated in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

3.  Gorilla Adventure

Bwindi is home to half the world's remaining mountain gorillas. Book a stay at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp for the once in a lifetime opportunity to track one of the gorilla families.