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Whether you are seeking an African bush adventure or a cruise along the Yangtze River, our carefully crafted children's programmes will ensure you'll have a memorable experience to share with all the family.

Going on a holiday as a family is a great way to connect and bond with those nearest and dearest to you. If your family seeks extraordinary adventures off the beaten track, enjoy the great outdoors and connecting with nature, or love to embrace the richness and diversity of multifarious cultures – we invite you to stay at one of our family-friendly lodges, camps or join us on board one of our river cruises.

Chobe Chilwero

BOTSWANA - children activities

Sanctuary Baines' and Stanley's Camp
Our friendly guides will be able to offer special children's activities. These include teaching them the art of poling a mokoro, a local dug-out canoe commonly used in the Delta. It is propelled through the shallow waters of the delta by standing in the stern and pushing with a pole, in the same manner as punting. Find water and identify edible plants in the bush. Learn how to make rope out of natural materials.

Sanctuary Chief's Camp
The camp is able to offer children activities like a predator safari game drive looking for lions, leopard, wild dogs and hyenas in the area while teaching you more about these magnificent animals or walking through the camps pathways looking and identifying tracks from animals that passed through camp the night before. Each night just before sunset the pathways are swept creating a new canvas

Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero
Our friendly guides will teach and show children the importance of nature through fun and educational activities and shortened game drives. They will be able to get in touch with mother nature while out on a guided walking safari within the grounds of the lodge to collect pods, leaves and seeds and learn about tree identification. Our safari hunt with hidden clues is always a favourite and we will also show them how to play croquet on lush green lawn in front of the lodge. After a long day of fun they will be able to make their own pizza with the Chef.

Sussi & Chuma 2

ZAMBIA - children activities

Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma
The lodge offers families with young children tailor made family friendly game drives. Kids thoroughly enjoy getting their hand dirty with plaster of paris as they mould some of the animals they saw that day. A visit to the local Nakatindi School is as much fun for the local children as the kids spend time together in colouring competitions and various interactions. Livingstone Town has a rich history and children love listening to the stories of David Livingstone told by our guides around a fire with hot-chocolate while mom and dad perhaps go for an afternoon sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River.

Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge
The lodge is able to a variety of children's activities including animal print tracking around the lodge, creating handicrafts, toasting marshmallows and star gazing with
hot chocolate.

Olonana 2

kENYA - children activities

Sanctuary Olonana
Our specially kids activities include tailored game drives, nature walks, treasure hunts, bird watching and animal print identification. Visits to the local Maasai village can include a variety of activities including mock spear throwing, fire making, hut building and cattle herding. There is also the opportunity to help with conservation by planting a tree in Sanctuary Olonana's "tree sanctuary!" We are flexible with meals and meal times for children.

Family Safari


Botswana Baines' Camp Children 6 years and older
  Stanley's Camp Children of all ages
  Chief's Camp Children 6 years and older
  Chobe Chilwero Children of all ages
Zambia Sussi & Chuma - Tree houses Children 6 years and older
  Sussi & Chuma - Chuma Houes Children of all ages
  Chichele Presidential Lodge Children of all ages
  Puku Ridge Camp Children 6 years and older
Kenya Olonana Children of all ages
South Africa Makanyane Safari Lodge Children 12 years and older
Tanzania Kusini Children 6 years and older
  Swala Children 6 years and older
  Saadani Safari Lodge Children of all ages
  Saadani River Lodge Children 6 years and older
  Ngorongoro Crater Camp Children 6 years and older
  Serengeti Migration Camp Children 6 years and older
Uganda Gorilla Forest Camp Children of all ages

Kenya Olonana

additional information:

  • Child friendly menus are available and evening meals can be served earlier than the normal meal times for children.
  • Children below 15 years of age are required to share a room with an adult.
  • Children between the ages of 5 to 11 years are permitted to participate on the regular game drives, at the sole discretion of the Lodge Manager. Children under five require the permission of the Lodge Manager and is subject to the booking of a private vehicle.
  • Rates: Children 0-2 years stay free of charge. Children 3-11 years pay 50% of applicable adult rate and children 12 years and older pay the normal adult rate