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Arguably northern Tanzania's most interesting park, yet one of the least visited, Tarangire is justly famed for attracting large herds of elephant and zebra.

It is overlooked by a dramatic escarpment ascending to the Ngorongoro Crater. Lying in the heart of Masaai country, it makes a fabulous introduction to Tanzania’s diverse peoples, landscapes, wildlife and ancient towering baobab trees that leave you in awe with its strange and unusual beauty.

tarangire Wildlife

The Tarangire National Park is well known for its varied habitats and constant supply of water - making it the perfect place to host a diversity of wildlife. The area is famous for its large population of elephants where herds of up to 600 can be seen at a time. The park is also home to lion, leopard, wildebeest, zebra, waterbuck, hartebeest, giraffe, kudu and oryx with their fantastic lengthy horns. The Tarangire is a haven for bird enthusiasts with more than 550 species of birds. A common sighting here is the yellow-collared lovebirds in the trees along the Tarangire River.