Giraffe newborn

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This month, guests at Sanctuary Kusini were lucky enough to witness a newborn giraffe take its first steps...

On their way back the camp, after an action-packed day of game vieiwing, guests had the rare opportunity to witness the first steps of a newborn giraffe calf. The mother had given birth just minutes before, and our guests watched from a far as the calf attempted to get up and take its first shaky steps. 


Giraffe 2

As the world's tallest animals, giraffe calves can be born at a staggering 1.8m in height. The mother will give birth standing up as the calf emerges head and front legs first, severing the umbillical cord as it falls to the ground. The mother will then groom the newborn and help it to its feet before it is running around on steady legs within a matter of hours.