Sanctuary Swala

Wildlife Hero

The Tarangire National Park received its name from the Tarangire River that crosses through the park. It is also the only source of water for animals during the dry season.

The Tarangire National Park is famous for its large herds of elephants that congregate under the spectacular baobab trees. The park attracts an abundance of zebra and is home to waterbuck, giraffe and kudu with their immense spiral horns as well as oryx with their lengthy rapier horns. Also in great abundance are impala, giraffe, buffalo, lion, and leopard. The park is also home to over 550 species of bird with yellow-collared lovebirds a common sight in the trees along the Tarangire River.


Sanctuary Swala Impala Sighting Tanzania Safari

Due to the high heat we have been experiencing in the Tarangire National Park, many animals have been cooling themselves under the forested canopy which surrounds Sanctuary Swala. Because of this, guests have been treated to sightings of impala right outside their tents!

Sanctuary Swala Sighting Bushbaby Tanzania Safari

During our night safaris guests have been lucky to spot lots of nocturnal creatures including bushbabies, dik dik and owls - very exciting!

Sanctuary Swala Elephant Sighting Tanzania Safari

Due to Sanctuary Swala's location within a secluded forested area of Tarangire National Park right next to a watering hole, there are often a host of wildlife to be seen from the camp itself. Recently we have received visits from a wide host of animals including elephants, gazelles, giraffe and zebra.

Sanctuary Swala Wild Dog Sighting Tanzania Safari

There have been a great number of predator sightings around Sanctuary Swala recently but the most special (and unexpected!) was a sighting of a family of African Wild Dog. This was special for several reasons: the guides had not seen Wild Dog in the area for a very long time and the family was made up of 29 individuals so it was truly spectacular.

Sanctuary Swala Sighting Pool Drinking Lions Tanzania Safari

Guests appear not to be the only ones benefiting from our luxurious infinity pool at Sanctuary Swala... Lions and leopards are among some of the creatures who have also enjoyed the cooling waters and watching them drink from the pool has been very enjoyable for us and the guests!