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Sanctuary Swala

Profile photo for Team member Tarry Goetzsche & Devon Myers Tarry Goetzsche & Devon Myers Camp Managers

Tarry and Devon are from a remote wilderness area in Northern Zululand, South Africa. They have always worked in the conservation / ecotourism industry. Prior to starting at Sanctuary Swala Camp, Tarry and Devon took a year off work in order to travel through Africa in an old Toyota Land cruiser, exploring wilderness areas, getting lost, birding and learning about other people’s cultures.

Profile photo for Team member Obedi Kilepi Obedi Kilepi Store Keeper

Obedi was working as a driver before he joined Sanctuary just over a decade ago. Today he is the camp's storekeeper and has exceeded his own expectations by finding and following a career path. He enjoys performing his daily duties, which include meeting and greeting the guests. If he wasn't working for Sanctuary he believes he would still be at home farming.

Profile photo for Team member Raymond Kissaka Raymond Kissaka Service Manager

Raymond started out as a waiter just over eight years ago. While on leave he would study management skills and today he is the Service Manager at Sanctuary Swala. A large part of his job is meeting people from different countries which is something he really enjoys. He likes to remind his staff that the most important thing about their job is "hospitality and good service. Treat everyone as a VIP”.