Meet The Safari Hero

Profile photo for Team member John & Babs Lawrence John & Babs Lawrence Camp Managers

Married for 31 years, John & Babs have both always had a passion for conservation in South Africa, and for life in the bush. When they were given the opportunity to run a small private lodge in Limpopo, they did not hesitate to give up the city in the pursuit of an altogether different career (and life). In terms of the most important aspects of running a five star lodge, both John and Babs feel that it is important to go above and beyond what the most discerning of travelers have come expect. This involves knowing clients well enough to anticipate their needs, and to deliver on them before they have had the chance to ask.

Profile photo for Team member Dominic Elirehema Dominic Elirehema Driver and Guide

When Dominic is not out in the bush with his guests, he is brushing up his knowledge on plants, trees and animals. He joined the Sanctuary Swala team twelve years ago and believes flexibility is very important to keeping guests happy. Dominic finds it fun that everyday is different when looking for game. One never knows what to expect. Bush management combined with lodge management is how he sees his future. What he also enjoys is teaching his young children about the bush. He hopes one day, one of them will follow in his footsteps!

Profile photo for Team member Mosses Maturo Mosses Maturo Head Chef

Mosses has always loved food and decided, after passing secondary school, to study hotel management as he knew tourism was always going to be a part of Tanzania and his future. He completed a year's course in Hotel Management at Sheraton College in 2006 to 2007. He was fortunate to find placement at Kiruruma Lodge working for Hoopoe Safaris. After working there for a while he was sent to Hemmingway’s Lodge- situated on the western side of Mt Kilimanjaro. He was employed as head chef there until 2009. He decided to move on and has been employed by Sanctuary Swala since 2009. He has had many mentors during his working career at Swala and has been working under head chefs until 2014. He has taken over the position extremely well and is an integral part of Swala’s great food reviews. He is dedicated and has a good working relationship with his fellow chefs and cooks in the kitchen, always trying to maintain high standards.

Profile photo for Team member Obedi Kilepi Obedi Kilepi Store Keeper

Obedi was working as a driver before he joined Sanctuary just over a decade ago. Today he is the camp's storekeeper and has exceeded his own expectations by finding and following a career path. He enjoys performing his daily duties, which include meeting and greeting the guests. If he wasn't working for Sanctuary he believes he would still be at home farming.

Profile photo for Team member Raymond Kissaka Raymond Kissaka Service Manager

Raymond started out as a waiter just over eight years ago. While on leave he would study management skills and today he is the Service Manager at Sanctuary Swala. A large part of his job is meeting people from different countries which is something he really enjoys. He likes to remind his staff that the most important thing about their job is "hospitality and good service. Treat everyone as a VIP”.