Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp

Serengeti Migration Camp - Wildlife

The famous Serengeti is home to the great wildebeest migration. One of the highlights is the calving season - which is usually between January and March - and sees the arrival of new-born zebra and wildebeest calves.

The Serengeti also houses a huge variety of other animals including lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo, cheetah, Thomson's and Grant's gazelle, topi, eland, waterbuck, hyena, baboon, impala, African wild dog and giraffe. The park hosts about 500 bird species, such as ostrich, secretary bird, crowned crane, marabou stork, martial eagle, lovebirds, and many species of vultures.


Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp Antelope Sighting

As well as the millions of wildebeest that fill the plain, there are many types of grazers. The male gazelles can often be seen protecting their harem from other males leading to some exciting battles!

Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp Cheetah Sighting

During the Great Migration, many young animals can be seen enjoying the event, from young cheetah to newborn wildebeest.

Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp Lion Sighting

With the Great Migration comes great pickings for the local predators. Lion, hyena, cheetah and leopard are among the main winners, along with the river's crocodiles.

Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp Wildebeest

Of course the main wildlife event that brings guests to Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp is the Great Migration which sees huge numbers of wildebeest and zebra chase the rains.

Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp Elephant Sighting

Elephant are also seen regularly on the Serengeti by guests on game drives. They even come close by camp too.