Tanzania Kusini 2

The Serengeti is of the best places to see large predators and at Sanctuary Kusini cheetah, lion and leopard lie languidly in the nearby kopjes by day. This remote corner of the Serengeti never disappoints, where buffalo, elephant, giraffe and even rhino can be seen close to camp.

The cheetah population here averages between fifty and eighty adults. Every year the Serengeti, a World Heritage site, plays host to the epic wildebeest migration. One of the highlights is the calving season, usually January to March, where one sees the arrival of newborn zebra and wildebeest take place in the plains surrounding Sanctuary Kusini.

Sightings - February 2014

For the first time in quiet some time guests saw wild dogs in the Serengeti! They spotted ten of them close to Moru kopjes. The migration is currently making its way back towards Sanctuary Kusini. At the moment they are very wide spread and the rains will still determine where they will be headed too next. As always the migration brings with it vast numbers of predators including lion, leopard, hyena and cheetah which were seen almost everyday this past month including a few kills made on the wildebeest.



Sightings - January 2014

The migration is still in the area in and around Sanctuary Kusini and with them come plenty of predators in search of their next meal. Our guides and guests had some fantastic sightings this month including seeing a cheetah killing a Grants gazelle and another cheetah killing a young thompsons gazelle. We saw leopard and most of our lion sightings were in the Ndutu area east of Kusini and that includes the tree climbing pride.                 

Sightings - December 2013

The first of the wildebeest migration have appeared near Sanctuary Kusini. A week of heavy rains meant the end of the drought and with the rain came the first herds of wildebeest. The migration then started heading south after being stalled in the Western corridor north of central Serengeti. More rains will ensure they they stay in the area and soon after that we should start seeing plenty of young ones. Guests also spotted lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, cheetah and hyena.

Sightings - November 2013

This time of the year our guests prefer to out for a full day game drive in search of the wildlife that make this part of the Serengeti their home. One one of these full day game drive to Moro kopjes and the central area guests were able to encounter five different sightings of leopard! Other sightings include spotting cheetah,hyena, plains game, buffalo, elephant as well as a few sightings of rhino. We were also lucky to see the local tree climbing lion pride.                                                                                                                                                                                            

sightings - October 2013

The migration is currently at the western corridor and Grumeti area slowly making their way down towards the Serengeti. This means sightings of predators like lion and leopard in the area will also increase. There are still plenty of cheetahs, some with cubs as well as hyena and buffalo. Guests were also lucky to spot a serval as these small predators are hardly ever seen. Bird watching has been great as more and more European and North African migratory birds come back to the park. The Serengeti is home to more than 500 bird species and definitely won't disappoint bird enthusiasts.


Sightings - September 2013

This month our sightings of the big five and cheetah's increased from August. Guests were very luckily when they spotted a very brave or very lucky baby striped pole cat during an early morning game drive. It was spotted walking about just outside its den, quite happily moving around while a Tawny eagle was watching it closely. Luckily it didn't get attacked and returned safely to its den. A few other highlights include a male cheetah seen killing a Thompsons gazzelle. A day out to Seronera saw sightings of a leopard killing a gazelle and lions having warthog for lunch.


Game viewing in the Serengeti remains good with most sightings either seen around Sanctuary Kusini or near the central Serengeti area. Guest highlights this month were witnessing the birth of a baby giraffe - guests watched it struggle for 30 minutes before being able to stand up. A leopard in a tree with a pride of lions lying in the shade of the same tree and two cheetahs hunting and killing a Thomson's gazelle.