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The Serengeti is one of the best places to see large predators. At Sanctuary Kusini cheetah, lion and leopard lie languidly in the nearby kopjes by day. This remote corner of the Serengeti never disappoints, where buffalo, elephant and giraffe can be seen close to camp.

The cheetah population here averages between fifty and eighty adults. Every year the Serengeti, a World Heritage site, plays host to the epic wildebeest migration. One of the highlights is the calving season, usually January to March, where one sees the arrival of newborn zebra and wildebeest take place in the plains surrounding Sanctuary Kusini. Key wildlife here include: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Striped and Spotted Hyena, Wildebeest, Impala, Serval, Bat Eared Fox, Grant's and Thomson's Gazelle and Eland.

Caracal KUSINI Nov 14


Migration update: The wildebeests have been going back and forth between us and Moru, following the rain. The numbers are very high on the plains and in the valleys. 

Lions have been very active and entertaining! Our resident pride (8 youngsters and three females) has been joined again with two lionesses and their young. They had previously moved toward Simiyu, probably to raise their tiny cubs away from the madness of the resident naughty teenagers… Around the Simba Kopje we can now see 20 lions all together including three different age group of cubs: from tiny to teenager. The cubs are always up to something: from chasing the vehicle to chasing each other… About 14 different individual cheetahs were seen this month. The females and their cubs have been very present and the interaction among themselves is very heart warming. 

Elephants:A herd of 20 individuals is now very close to our camp and do sometimes come to visit our camp. The abundance of water and food has allowed the gentle giants to take ownership of the woodland surrounding the camp. Hyenas:We have two active dens which both host very cute hyena cubs. Caracal: A pretty (strangely very relaxed) female has been seen twice around the small forest. We were lucky to witness her on patrol of her territory. 

Kusini Lions


Lions and hyenas were spotted often this month in the Serengeti. Other predators seen were leopards and cheetahs. Elephants and buffaloes were viewed a few times.

Wild dogs were sighted once during the month - a total of 15 dogs.

The wildlife is easier to spot as they gather around waterholes and rivers and the vegetation is not as thick as in the wet season.

Kusini March Cheetah

Sightings - MARCH 2014

The migration was around for a brief period at the beginning of March, but was not seen again in the Kusini area. On one particular day early in the month, a brilliant sighting occurred over 200 elephants were seen at Sikum Springs.

Wild dogs remained a scarce sight, and the elusive creatures were seen just once this month at the Moru kopjes. A big treat for guests was spotting a solitary honey badger and also two Caracals (also known as the Desert Linx.) Predators were seen regularly - including lion and hyena. Cheetahs were also seen a few times during March.

Kusini - Feb 2014

Sightings - February 2014

For the first time in quite some time, guests saw wild dogs in the Serengeti! They spotted ten of them close to Moru kopjes. The migration is currently making its way back towards Sanctuary Kusini. At the moment, the migration is very widespread and the rains will still determine where they will be headed to next. As always, the migration brings with it vast numbers of predators including lion, leopard, hyena and cheetah which were seen almost every day this past month, including a few kills made on the wildebeest.



Kusini - Jan 2014

Sightings - January 2014

The migration is still in the area in and around Sanctuary Kusini and with them, come plenty of predators in search of their next meal. Our guides and guests had some fantastic sightings this month, including seeing a cheetah killing a Grant's gazelle and another cheetah killing a young Thomson's gazelle. Leopards were seen and most of the lion sightings were in the Ndutu area east of Kusini - that includes the tree climbing pride.