Dr Goodall, I presume?

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We are delighted that Dr Jane Goodall was a recent guest of Sanctuary Retreats. She is a famed primatologist, conservationist, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, and United Nations Messenger of Peace.

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Dr Goodall began her landmark study of chimpanzee behaviour in Tanzania. In 1977 she established the Jane Goodall Institute and is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. 

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She travels an average 300 days per year, speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees, other environmental crises, and her reasons for hope that humankind will solve the problems it has imposed on the Earth.

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It was a huge pleasure to have Dr Goodall visiting us here at Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge and really enjoyed a sundowner with her out in Saadani National Park. She is fascinating and such great company with a host of stories and observations that make time spent with her fly past. 

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We took her out on an evening wildlife drive (NB Dr Goodall doesn't like them to be called game drives).

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She was there with her son and gandson plus a colleague from Gombe Stream Research Group and they all really enjoyed their Tanzania safaris at Saadani.

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Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge is located on the southern border of Saadani National Park; where you can experience untamed, untouched East Africa combined with the beauty of the Indian Ocean. Saadani is the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania bordering the ocean. Our Tanzania safaris at Saadani vary throughout the year and the area is known for sightings of porcupines, civets, bush pigs, baboons and vervet monkeys.

By Graeme & Candy Smith, General Managers at Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge.