Sanctuary Retreats Private Camping

Kenya and Tanzania - Private Camping 1

Kenya Olonana

Visit to a Traditional Village

In many of the regions that we pitch our camps, there is the opportunity to learn about the local culture. Find out about their traditions, the social structure of the homestead, the role of women in their society and many more aspects of their daily life. Interaction and discussion is encouraged, so whether the ladies are building a mud hut, the warriors are dancing or making fire with stones and sticks, guests are free to join in. The cost to enjoy such a privilege depends upon the area you are staying but is anything upward of $20 per person.


Kenya Olonana - Hot Air balloon


Your balloon is inflated against the first rays of sunrise and once aloft floats gently over the plains and the plethora of game. After around one hour the balloon lands and nearby breakfast is already being prepared. The smells of bacon, sausages and eggs drift on the breeze as you begin breakfast with platefuls of exotic fruits and homemade pastries and, of course, glasses of bubbly to toast your flight. 

2014 Rates: from $500 per person

Kenya Olonana - Flying excursion to Lake Victoria


There is the option to fly by light aircraft to Lake Victoria and enjoy a full English breakfast on arrival at the islands of either Mfangano or Rusinga. Try fishing for the legendary giant Nile perch, explore the myriad of tiny islands or stop at a traditional fishing village and see how the villagers live from day to day. Lake Victoria is a spectacular sight, it is Africa's largest lake and the world's second widest freshwater lake. Birdlife is abundant and includes the spectacular fish eagles which can be seen perching high in the treetops or dramatically swooping across the lake as they capture fish in their talons. An experienced and knowledgeable fisherman captains each boat as you head out into the lake in search of the legendary giant Nile perch found in these waters with Nile perch weighing over 150 lb are regularly caught. Stop at a traditional fishing village before returning to the airstrip for your flight back to the Mara.

2013 Rates: $498 per person (min 3 pax)

Kenya Olonana - Flying excursion in Vintage Plane


A flight of a lifetime in a bi-plane of the golden era, with all the performance and safety requirements of a modern aircraft. This open cock-pit aircraft can carry two passengers side-by-side while the pilot flies from the rear. The hour long flight is a dream ride in the Finch-Hatton tradition. These popular bi-planes were originally manufactured in the 1920s and 30s by Weaver Aircraft Company hence the rather odd name Waco. Wacos have a beautiful leather interior, the best music intercom system and a three-way camera system that will enable passengers to take this once-in-a-life-time flying experience home.

Prices on request, based on availability.

Kenya Private camping - Horse Back Safaris 2

Horse back Safari

Our Private Camping team in Kenya are able to bring along horses to join you for the whole of your camping, or simply organise for you to go out for a morning riding experienc.

A morning ride starts from $50 per person per ride (depending on location).

Kenya Private camping - Camel Back Safaris

Camelback Safaris

In some areas of Kenya walks can be supported by camels when the terrain allows.

Prices vary according to location, but start at $30 per person per walk.