Nakatindi Village and School, Zambia

Nakatindi Village

Nakatindi Village & School, Zambia

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy began working with the community and school in July 2010 when we initiated dialogue with the headmaster of the school as well as the community elders in order to identify their immediate needs.

Nakatindi Village is located in the Livingstone area approximately five kilometres from Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma and six kilometres from Livingstone. The Village is divided into three zones, each with its own headmen and elders' committee. The total population of the village is estimated at 6,000 people, within rising household numbers which at last count were 1,500, where the average household earns the equivalent of US$80 per month. Nakatindi Community School has about 744 children where at least 50% of them are orphaned or considered vulnerable.


Stigma Kills

Ending HIV/AIDs Stigma

The stigma surrounding HIV and AIDs is extremely high in this part of Zambia and people are very unwilling to know their status. As a means to incentivize coming forward for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) we offered up 5 mountain bikes from Chipego Bike Shop as raffle prizes to randomly selected participants. The idea was that the possibility of winning a bike would encourage those who would not normally do VCT to come forward and know their status. 

We worked together with the Nakatindi Health Committee (NHC) to structure a 10 day sensitisation program, where people would be encouraged to come to the clinic for VCT. Messages to test, prevent & treat were spread throughout Nakatindi Clinic's catchment area and clinic staff assisted by providing information about preventative methods and the benefits of seeking treatment if testing positive. Despite our efforts we found that the high level of stigma surrounding HIV in the community was holding the campaign back. We stepped up our efforts and implemented a door-to-door campaign where the NHC caregivers moved throughout the clinic catchment area educating and testing people. This was a great success which saw many people coming forward for testing and treatment. The NHC caregivers will now carry out follow ups with the patients.

Zambia Sussi & Chuma - Nakatindi Village

Nakatindi Community School

Nakatindi Community School has about 744 children where at least 50% of them are orphaned or considered vulnerable. The children are very dependent on the school and it has been a success due to the commitment of the local community. There are 15 qualified teachers provided through the District Education Board, 2 of which work on an almost voluntary basis.

The community school previously had only eight classes from pre-school through to grade 7. SRP with the help of our generous guests and their donations made it possible to complete the building of a 1x2 classroom block, able to facilitate grades 8 and 9 in the school. The government confirmed the provision of grade 8 teachers for the 2013 academic year and grade 9 teachers for the 2014 academic year. It is the aim for continued involvement with the school to be resources support, the establishment of daily school meals and the possibility of extending the school further to become a registered high school benefitting other struggling communities in the area.

Nakatindi - Food Program

Child Feeding Program

SRP and Nakatindi School saw the need to provide the children of the school with a balanced and nourishing lunch which for many was their only meal of the day. With the help of Global Visions who donated money for a new kitchen - our feeding program is now a reality. The children are provided with a balanced and varied diet that consists of mealie meal, kapenta (small fish), pumpkin leaves, beans and other fresh vegetables from the school's vegetable garden. 

The consistent supply of food has had a great impact on the school and its pupils. Analysis of exam results has shown that the steady supply of nourishment is improving pupils' performance & attention during class. There is also a clear increase in class attendance and school enrollment by pupils that is directly linked to the supply of daily school meals.

Nakatindi Clinic WEB

Medical Health Clinic

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy, with help from generous guest donations, was able to build a medical clinic within the Nakatindi Community. Health care is a big issue within the community and easy access to much needed medication and health checks can be hard to come by. The medical clinic is operating as a registered Public Health Facility under the Ministry of Health. The facilities include a duty room, treatment room, examination room, screening/counselling room, health education facility and a separate ablution block. Upon completion of the clinic build, the Ministry of Health, in accordance with an agreement outlined between us is providing staff, medication and maintenance to the clinic.

A big factor involved in the spread of HIV/Aids is the lack of education and unreasoned stigma attached to it. By involving a health education facility within the clinic we hope to assist in the prevention and spread of this virus.

We are very excited for the impact that this clinic will have on the community and potentially will look into extending the clinic to include a maternity ward in the future. We are also interested in the clinic becoming a registered ARV centre, so patients are able to receive ARVs used in the treatment of HIV infection.

Zambia Reading Training

Happy Readers Training day

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy recently held a training day for the teachers of Nakatindi Community School in how to carry out the new Happy Readers Literacy Program that is being implemented.

The training was attended by the District Education Board Secretary. Nakatindi is a flagship school for this program in Livingstone, and hopefully with the DEBS' support, Happy Readers can be implemented in further schools throughout the Livingstone area.

Happy Readers is a Zimbabwean-based organization with their literacy program currently being implemented in over 500 schools in Zimbabwe and 65 schools in Zambia. The program has seen huge success in other schools, particularly in Kalomo and Kazangula districts where functional literacy levels rose from 20% to over 80%.

Nakatindi Donations

Start of the new term - Guests' Donations

When the new term began at Nakatindi in May 2014, Sanctuary Retreats handed over all the lovely donations guests had sent to us or brought with them over the previous month. As the school was closed for Easter holidays, we were only able to pass on these donations to the school at this time. They are thrilled to have received so many useful and stunning donations and expressed great gratitude towards the donors. The items include everything from clothing and plenty of stationery to skipping ropes, reading books, compasses and more.

Nakatindi Repaint

Repainting & roof repair of classroom block

Update on the completion of the 1x2 classroom repaint at Nakatindi: This classroom block recently had its roof repaired and following on from this, we decided to repaint the building as well, as it was looking rather tired.

Although this project was purely about aesthetics we still felt it important to maintain the classroom to provide a smart and appealing work environment for the pupils. Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy & Sussi and Chuma are sure the pupils will enjoy their freshly painted, pleasant classroom setting, thus providing a more conducive learning environment for the children. (May 2014.)

Nakatindi -Skill development

Adult skills training

SRP is committed to the skills development in the community and in order to assist them in making the various projects implemented a self-sustaining success.

SRP is keen to develop sustainable programs that support the future prosperity of the community. Therefore, SRP in partnership with local NGO EmCom (Empowering Communities) have carried out an entrepreneurship and business skills workshop. The aim of the workshop was to address the economic status of families in Nakatindi with regard to Orphan and Vulnerable Children care and support via income promotion. The training was well received by participants who were eager to be involved in the program - we saw 43 members of the community willing to commit to the 9-day training cycle. Topics covered throughout the 9-day training include Income Generating Activities (IGAs), the selection, planning and management thereof, management of household finances, Orphan & Vulnerable Childrens' needs & support and cross-cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender equality, health & hygiene.

We hope to run more of these business skills training sessions for other community members in the future.    

Nakatindi Vegetable Garden WEB

Vegetable Garden

The school vegetable garden was originally started by the school and SRP is keen to support them in this venture. SRP arranged for a trained agricultural expert to conduct a number of 3-day training workshops consisting of both classroom based theory learning as well as practical lessons in the garden. The lessons focused around organic garden practices, how to manage soil, compost creation, building of garden beds and eliminating the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. It was also important to look at the garden as a business and come up with a plan to use the garden as an income generating activity for the school.

SRP also supported the vegetable garden by building 3 additional brick raised beds with a netted shade structure to protect the plants from the heat & storms in the rainy season.

Pack for a purpose

Pack for a purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travellers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need - you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click on this link: to see what supplies are needed for our project /projects.

Sanctuary Retreats has also pledged the $2 contribution, where $2 from each guest's stay at Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma is donated to the ongoing projects at Nakatindi Community. The status of these projects is always evolving, with advancements occurring continuously. Therefore, more information regarding the development initiatives we support at Nakatindi can be obtained through your hosts or guide during your stay at Sussi & Chuma.