Ilboru School Project

Ilboru School

Ilboru School Project

With a lack of special needs facilities, deaf and disabled children in Tanzania have limited opportunities to attend school.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy sponsors Ilboru Primary School (two kilometres from the centre of Arusha) and through this assistance, the school's Special Needs Unit has gone from educating just two special needs children, to now having three classrooms and educating 30 deaf or disabled children.


Tanzania Swala - Ilboru School

So far the project has donated desks, sewing machines, books and computers and also covers the cost of living expenses for ten special needs students who could not otherwise attend school.

We have started to construct a suitable classroom facility for the secondary education of the deaf and disabled children graduating from the primary School. The building has been designed in such a way that it can be extended to accommodate larger numbers of children as the project develops. A secondary classroom has been built on the primary school grounds to encourage integration resources can be shared. SRP continues to support this project and we will continue to add more classrooms.

Additionally, ongoing support of the project by Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy and our guests on a Tanzania safari will contribute to the following key developments:

  • A soundproof room to accurately test deaf children and fit hearing aids.
  • A craft room where special needs students can participate in income generating projects once they graduate, giving them a means of independence.