Enkereri Village & School, Kenya

Enkerriri Village and school

Enkereri Village and School

Enkereri Village, with a population of 200, is located at the top of the Siria Escarpment close to Sanctuary Olonana. This Maasai village actively works on projects to improve the way of life and education for its people.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy is working together with Enkereri on a number of projects including extending gas piping into designated "cooking huts" in the village in order for them to make use of biogas, a renewable energy source used for cooking and heat.


Kenya Olonana - Enkereri Village School

Sanctuary Olonana is working with the village on a project to harvest rainwater for use in a small organic garden and a tree seedling nursery. The project will also reuse the residue sludge from the biogas system, ensuring there is no waste or environmental impact.

The implementation of this sustainable energy source will benefit the Enkereri community in a number of ways:

  • Rather than spending time harvesting and collecting firewood, the Maasai women can use their time on income generating projects such as beadwork and beekeeping, while at the same time minimising the need for walking in search of firewood and reducing the incidence of human-wildlife conflict.
  • By using biogas for fuel, there is less pressure to harvest wood from the Masai Mara, decreasing the threat and burden on fragile woodlands and forests near Maasai villages.
  • This form of fuel decreases the numbers of flies in the village and with this, the incidence of fly born/transmitted infections and diseases. Lately it has also been proven to keep mosquitoes at bay thus reducing cases of malaria.

In 2005, the village built a small school for children aged 2-6. Now, with the help of Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy and guests at Sanctuary Olonana, the village is planning a series of improvements including two new classrooms for older children, planting additional trees around the school, new fencing to increase the safety for students and the provision of key equipment and materials for education and activities.