Five Philanthropy Success Stories

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A commitment to conservation and responsible tourism has been an integral part of the construction of our properties and our daily operations ever since we opened our first camp in Kenya's Masai Mara in 1999. Our goal is to identify and sponsor long-term, viable and self-sustaining projects that will have the support of our staff and visitors.

Here are some of our success stories…

Ilboro School

Having seen a need for special needs education in Tanzania, Sanctuary Swala and our guests funded the construction of the first specialist primary school in Arusha. For over a decade the school has helped vulnerable children gain an education they might otherwise miss out on.

Specialising in the education of children with hearing, mental or physical impairments, many students need extra patience and attention. One student, Peter, came to the school with severe ADHD and very low self-confidence. After being introduced to maths, his attitude changed and he became very engaged in class. The school has improved the chances of employment and independence for children like Peter.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy Ilboro School Tanzania

Chipego Bike Shop

Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma has partnered with Nakatindi village, located just five kilometres from the lodge and bordering Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. With support from our guests, we have been able to work with the village on many projects, including improving education and healthcare. However, our most successful project has been Chipego Bike Shop.

Launched in late 2015, the bike shop is run and managed by a team of women from the community, and provides bicycles for sale, servicing and even bike tours for guests! The ladies have used their profits to invest back into the community, sponsoring several orphan’s schooling and providing bicycles for healthcare workers. This project has proved so successful that we are now in the process of opening new, community-run bike shops in Botswana, Uganda and Tanzania.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy Chipego Bike Shop

Bwindi Community Hospital

Starting as nothing more than a clinic operating under a mango tree, our philanthropy supporters have helped transform Bwindi Community Hospital into a 112 bed facility that is consistently ranked the best hospital in Uganda. Recognising that a national shortage of nurses was having a negative impact on the hospital, the Uganda Nursing School Bwindi was opened in 2013 and celebrated its first graduation this year.

Through donations, we’ve been able to provide scholarships to promising local students who may not be able to afford the course otherwise. In addition to this, the success of the first graduating class has led to Bwindi Community Hospital becoming a government funded hospital, meaning all doctor and nursing salaries are paid by the government.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy Bwindi Nursing School Graduation

Rhino Relocation

Due to increased poaching levels of rhino in South Africa, we partnered with Rhino Conservation Botswana, among others, to translocate black and white rhino from South Africa to Botswana. This project has been hugely successful, leading us to employ two full time conservation officers.

One of the most exciting successes has been the birth of lots of new baby rhino after their mothers being reintroduced to Botswana. We have two rhino who were born in Botswana and are now ready to leave their mothers and set up their own territories. They are about to lose parental care and so we must keep a closer eye on them – something our conservation officers are very excited about.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy Rhino Relocation Monitoring Botswana

Sin Kyun Village

Having partnered with Sin Kyun village following the launch of Sanctuary Ananda in Myanmar, our team worked closely with the village Chief to identify areas where we could assist the community. Recognising the importance of education, we were asked to focus on improving the village school.

We have built accommodation for teachers, provided emergency assistance during severe flooding and, as of May 2017, completed the construction of a middle school at Sin Kyun. Children can now stay at Sin Kyun for school until they finish 7th grade while before the school only went up to 4th grade. After that, the students would have to cross the river to reach a neighbouring middle school - often quite a dangerous journey during rainy season! In addition to that, our guides have also conducted a summer English camp to help improve the children's English levels.

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy Sin Kyun Village School

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