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Kakumbi Community & School

Kakumbi Community & School

Just outside the Game Management Area in South Luangwa National Park lies the Uyoba Community School with 650 students. Previously the school had only four classroom, leaving teachers no choice but to conduct class outside. Moreover, classes were often cancelled during the rainy season since the outdoor classroom spaces were not usable.

To solve this issue, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy partnered with a local NGO to build three new classrooms and provide new desks for the entire school, making education more dependable, comfortable and sanitary.


Uyoba School Building WEB

In early 2016, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy expanded its support to include the creation of a bike shop, established with donated bicycles. Five local women were trained over a two-month period to repair and maintain bikes and to manage the shop as a business. The shop provides students, health care workers and community members access to affordable transportation.

While staying at Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge, take a tour of the Uyoba School and, if school is in session, interact with a group of student representatives who are happy to explain what life is like for a student in rural Zambia. Afterwards, visit the bike shop and discuss sales strategies with the newly empowered women who manage the business, and then take a village bike tour.