Masaai Womens beading

Maasai Womens Beadwork, Kenya

Guests have the opportunity to see the women producing the beadwork and purchase the handicrafts in the Sanctuary Olonana gift shop.

The project is essential for the Maasai women to provide income, but it brings together women from various clans in the area to promote harmony, community and sustainability.


Kenya Olonana - Masai Womens Beadwork

Sanctuary Olonana supports the local Maasai women's beadwork group via training in sourcing new and recycled materials, assistance in helping the group export the high quality beadwork. The beadwork's powerful design elements offer a fascinating insight into local beliefs. Green represents grass, essential for nourishing cattle, an important part of the Maasai way of life; red, for the blood of cattle; and white for their milk. Blue represents the sky and embraces the Maasai belief in Enkai (God).