Tree Planting project

Indigenous Tree Planting

In order to combat increasing deforestation and cultivate trees that are indigenous to the Masai Mara, one of the projects that guests can become involved with at Sanctuary Olonana is to plant a tree in a dedicated tree nursery within the camp.

These tree species are more resistant to drought and provide shade and a natural habitat for the wildlife of the area – giving back to the environment surrounding the camp.


Kenya Olonana - Tree planting

For guests, it is also an opportunity to make a difference while on holiday. We invite you to participate in our conservation project in the Mara by planting a tree with a tag with your name. It is hoped that one day all of our guests will return to Sanctuary Olonana and see how their tree has grown.

Since the project began in 2000, almost 5000 trees have been planted and with the continued support of the project, Sanctuary Olonana plans to extend and reforest the area.