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Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy selects projects based on their potential to create long-lasting relationships with the communities in the areas in which we operate.

Our goal is to identify and sponsor long-term, viable and self-sustaining projects that will have the support of our staff and visitors. The projects listed on these pages are all collaborative. We work closely with the local communities to determine their needs and improve their wellbeing.


Philanthropy image for Living with elephants

Living with elephants

Sanctuary Retreats and non-profit charity Living With Elephants invite you to explore Africa from an elephant’s perspective.

Philanthropy image for Plants & People Africa

Plants & People Africa

Plants & People Africa is a botanical research and community outreach project in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Philanthropy image for Caracal Biodiversity Centre

Caracal Biodiversity Centre

The Caracal Biodiversity Centre situated in the Chobe area is involved in educational programmes for local children, the rehabilitation of injured animals and birds and support of the local community

Philanthropy image for Rhino Force

Rhino Force

Sanctuary Retreats supports the Rhino Force bracelet initiative which helps to protect and conserve our rhinos that face critical threat.


Philanthropy image for Enkereri Village and School

Enkereri Village and School

We are working together with Enkereri village and school on various initiatives including a biogas project, a renewable energy source used for cooking and heat.

Philanthropy image for Indigenous tree planting

Indigenous tree planting

Make a difference while on holiday and help us combat increasing deforestation by planting your own tree in our tree nursery

Philanthropy image for Wetlands Project

Wetlands Project

Through a unique system, wastewater is cleaned and released back into the Mara River and used in the irrigation system for our tree nursery.

Philanthropy image for Maasai Women's Beadwork

Maasai Women's Beadwork

Guests have the opportunity to see the women producing the beadwork and purchase the handicrafts in the Sanctuary Olonana gift shop.

Philanthropy image for Organic Garden

Organic Garden

Enjoy a delicious fresh salad picked from our own organic vegetables garden - one of the simplest forms of conservation.

Philanthropy image for Beekeeping training, Kenya

Beekeeping training, Kenya

In June 2014, beekeeping training took place in Maji-moto. The Medung'i women group were taken through training from the initial launching of hives and inspections, up to the final stage of harvesting.


Philanthropy image for Sin Kyun village

Sin Kyun village

We are raising funds to build a library and a house for an English teacher, on request of the village chief.


Philanthropy image for Ilboru School Project

Ilboru School Project

We are working Ilboru Primary School in Arusha to improve and advance their Special Needs Unit.

Philanthropy image for Mwika Bee keeping

Mwika Bee keeping

We are working with the village on a grassroots beekeeping project, emphasising the preservation of the environment to bring rewards to the community.

Philanthropy image for Serengeti Cheetah Project

Serengeti Cheetah Project

The project helps to monitor the demographics of the cheetah in the area, one of the last few remaining natural ecosystems where these cats exist in viable numbers.


Philanthropy image for Bwindi Community Hospital

Bwindi Community Hospital

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is working with Bwindi Community Hospital on an on-going basis to continue to develop its resources.

Philanthropy image for Victory School

Victory School

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp and its guests are working with the Victory School on an on-going basis to continue to develop its resource and class rooms and improve the quality of education for these children.


Philanthropy image for Nakatindi Village & School

Nakatindi Village & School

Since Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma started working with the village, a new borehole has been installed, as has a hammer mill for grinding maize. The most recent project is the construction of a rural health clinic.

Philanthropy image for Uyoba School, Mfuwe

Uyoba School, Mfuwe

Uyoba is a community school in Mfuwe located just outside the GMA for South Luangwa National Park. There are currently over 630 pupils operating out of 4 classrooms and one shaded structure made by the parents and teachers. It is estimated that 35% of the pupils are considered to be OVC’s (orphaned or vulnerable children).

Philanthropy image for Chipego Bike shop

Chipego Bike shop

Sanctuary Retreats along with its partners have donated bicycles and so establishing a small bike sales and repair business in Nakatindi Village.