The man behind the paintbrush

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Let us introduce you to Maung Thiha, the man behind the creation of our beautiful watercolours...

Throughout Myanmar, especially around the temples and monasteries of Bagan, local artists show their paintings - gentle watercolours depicting the beauty and majesty that surrounds them: the pagodas, the statues and the shrines, the skies, the landscapes and the people.

We felt this would be the perfect introduction to a country our guests had heard so much about … and yet still knew so little. We searched high and low for the perfect artist. And then we met Maung Thiha, a renowned watercolourist who has been capturing the magic of his city, Bagan, from his quiet roadside gallery for over 43 years.

Maung Thiha does not speak English and our marketing director does not speak Burmese, but through the patience and imagination of our guide Zaw Lynn, along with a number of digital renderings of the ship, discussions about aspect ratios and river views, we are proud to present the illustrations across our website and our first brochure. This is a true artist's impression of a new ship in an age-old landscape highlighting its serenity and beauty.