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Game Drives

game drives

Game drives start straight from the lodge's 'front door' in comfortable 4x4 vehicles. The park is the only coastal wildlife sanctuary of its kind on the eastern coast of Africa and so the game safaris are completely unique. The big four are frequently spotted around the lodge.

River Safari

river safaris

Explore the wonders of the famous Wami River, a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts where large pods of hippos and basks of crocodile occupy the river. Located just 16km by road from the Lodge the Wami River is an overwhelming example of natural beauty. Date palms fringe the water edge whilst king fishers and weaver birds dart amongst their dappled shade. Fish eagles and storks fly high above the brackish water seeking tiger and cat fish displaced by the enormous steps of the resident hippopotamus. Nile crocodiles line the banks absorbing the powerful rays of the African sun whilst cautiously regarding the slow progress of the boat.

Saadani Safari Lodge - Walking Safaris

walking safaris

From right outside the suites, wildlife spotting can occur on foot. Lions have occasionally been spotted as they pass the lodge at night and other nocturnal visitors include the civet cat, genet and sometimes leopard.  A professional guide will take you to areas where you can travel by foot through the natural scenery and watch for the local wildlife and study animal tracks. You can pad barefooted directly from your veranda onto the beach for a gentle stroll or to watch the fisherman bringing in their prawn nets. What makes Saadani's beach unique however is the various footprints you can find imprinted in the sand. Nowhere else in the world can you walk on a beach following the footprints of a lion.

Sand Bank Picnic

sand bank picnics

The sandy beach at Saadani Safari Lodge is unspoiled as nature intended and disappears to the horizon in both directions. The cry of a fish eagle and the gentle lapping of the waves provides the perfect soundtrack for a sand bank picnic. Enjoy freshly prepared food from the sand banks overlooking the blue Indian Ocean. Feel the breeze as you soak in the sun while eating mouth-watering meals.

Bird Watching

bird walks

There is an abundance of local birdlife within and round the lodge. Let your guide tell you about the different species and use their trained eye to help you look deeper and spot more than you could have imagined. This area is a birdwatcher's paradise and even for those who do not fall into that category, the birdlife will astonish you too.

Saadani Safari Lodge - Snorkelling


Visit a deserted sand island in the Indian Ocean where the cool ocean is the perfect place to visit the underwater world. Guests can choose to leave early morning and equipped with snorkelling masks and flippers, take a swim straight off the sand banks and admire the coral and fish which have found their home in the waters off the beach. After snorkeling or sunbathing you can enjoy a scrumptious continental brunch  accompanied by freshly squeezed fruit juices or sparkling wine and orange juice. Relax under our shaded tent before returning in time for lunch at the Lodge. We can also arrange a lunch trip to the sand island where our friendly staff will serve a fresh seafood lunch before returning back to the lodge.
(Seasonal activity, not available in January and February each year)



To end any day on safari, Sanctuary Retreats offers their classic sundowners to all guests. Enjoy sundowners on our new, beautiful dhow. Watch the magnificent sun set over the Saadani National Park with your favourite drink in hand.

Saadani Safari Lodge - Village Tour

saadani village tour

Meet the locals by visiting their village. See where the children learn and watch the daily lives of the local men and women on an excursion to the local Saadani village. The villagers are keen and excited to meet travellers from foreign lands.

Saadani Safari Lodge - Masai Community Tour

maasai community tour

Learn about the Maasai culture by visiting their community and speaking to the locals. The villagers love to entertain guests with their local traditions and teach guests about their way of life.