Sanctuary Nile Adventurer

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Known as "the world’s largest open air museum" Upper Egypt holds one third of the world’s monuments.With our specially created seven night luxury Nile cruises you have more time to relax and enjoy the ancient wonders at a leisurely pace.

Visit the most famous monuments with our experienced Egyptologists – arguably the country’s best – who are renowned not only for their knowledge of Egyptian history, but whose passion for this ancient land makes all the legends and myths come to life. Walk amid the wonders of the Valley of the Kings and Queens - a vast City of the Dead where magnificent tombs were carved into the desert rocks, decorated richly and filled with treasures for the afterlife by generations of Pharaohs. Stroll through the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek. Visit the outstanding Temple of Karnak, an architectural marvel which took over 1,400 years to complete and where the great Hypostyle Hall is an incredible forest of giant pillars, covering an area larger than the whole of Notre Dame Cathedral. For those who wish to enjoy an easier pace, stay on board the Sanctuary Sun Boat III where the teak floors of the open decks, the handmade bamboo chairs and the unique Cleopatra’s Oasis dipping pool provide a luxurious haven. Enjoy the views as you sail down the Nile, past the gentle banks which have remained unchanged for thousands of years.