Sanctuary Ananda

China Yangzi Explorer - River Cruise

“I would enthusiastically recommend this tour to friends and family. My reasons are: excellent opportunities to experience the natural and social treasures of China. Caring and highly competent staff/leaders. More time to visit the National Museum and possibility also to attend a cultural event such as a sporting event e.g. Kung Fu and the theatre.”

T. Brown

“A wonderful experience. An excellent and very informative trip. We felt the crew really made an effort to make our visit enjoyable and they were always friendly and entertaining.”

I. & D. Watt

“I would recommend this cruise line over others because of the itinerary which was fascinating. Also I learnt a lot on the last day with calligraphy and dumpling making sessions."


“Thank you for a lovely, memorable journey down the Yangzi!”

Mr. Koelsch