Galapagos Eclipse - River Cruise

Dining Area Day

Indoor dining

Enjoy our superb gastronomy, coupled with impeccable service, in our stylish dining room which boasts panoramic windows.

Al Fresco Dining

Al-fresco dining

While the Eclipse has an elegant indoor area, when weather conditions permit guests can also take advantage of the spectacular al-fresco dining area at the stern of the vessel for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Lunching on deck allows guests to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze while cruising from one island to the next. Few vessels in this category offer the opportunity for outdoor dining in accommodating all guests in one sitting.

Eclipse BBQ


During your seven night cruise we prepare two BBQ's for dinner at the stern of the ship. Enjoy these, open air, with a great variety of meat and seafood options.

Eclipse Kids Menu

Kids menu

The Eclipse offers child-friendly menu selections including "Making your own pizza day" and an excursion to il Giardino to enjoy ice cream in Puerto Ayora. Earlier meal times for kids allow both children and parents to enjoy dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Children can also accompany their parents for dinner if they would like to.

Lounge 2


The Eclipse provides ample indoor space; ideal for relaxing, socialising and enjoying your favorite cocktail at the main lounge bar. From here, soak up our various adventure briefings, or simply relax with fellow guests in air conditioned comfort.

Sundeck 4

sun deck

The sun deck provides a fantastic place for stargazing, whale watching, or simply lazing in the jacuzzi.

Reception & boutique


Here you will be welcomed on board by our Cruise Director. This area will remain as the hub during your journey where you will be informed about daily activities and access other areas of the ship. In the boutique you can find a special selection of jewellery, ornaments, books, pouches and T-shirts. Toiletries and other convenience items are also available for purchase.