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Kenya - Samburu 2

In amongst the rugged terrain and volcanic mountains, a lifeline runs through Samburu National Reserve. The Ewaso Ng'iro River flows from the Kenyan highlands through palm groves and dense riverine forests before finally emptying into the Lorian Swamp.

Not only is the river a popular place for crocodiles, it also attracts a vast array of wildlife looking for refreshment. Samburu is known for its unusual fauna. The peaceful atmosphere of the reserve is a bird lover’s paradise and the unique wildlife makes it a fantastic safari experience in East Africa.

Samburu - Grevey

SAMBURU Wildlife

Samburu National Reserve offers encounters with the wild Africa of yesteryear. The reserve depends on the steady flow of the Uaso Nyiro River for its existence. The river waters a wide variety of animal species not found south of the Equator, including the majestic Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, thin-striped Grevy's zebra and the 'giraffe-necked' gerenuk antelope which stands on its hind legs to feed. Elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard can all be seen along the river, and the 400-plus species of birds are positively spectacular.