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A continuous circle of life, the great wildebeest migration is currently making its way past Sanctuary Olonana in Kenya. Head guide at Olonana, Abdul Karim, has been following the action...

Although Wildebeest dominate the migration, around 300,000 zebras also take part in the annual migration.

The migration involves travelling long distances at a time, which can range between 500 and 1000 miles, in search of greener pastures and water. This journey is an annual necessity to ensure the survival of these four-legged creatures.

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However, as Abdul witnessed, the journey is never without its sacrifices. The long distances often take their toll on the weakest of the herds, and many die as a result of exhaustion.

One mother was seen nursing her foal who was struggling with the trek. Thinking her foal was behind her, the mother carried on only to look around to see vultures circling her baby. Having none of it, the mother chased the vultures away and stayed by her young.


It is rarely reported that zebras feel a sense of loss and kinship, which makes Abdul's sighting a particularly heart warming story.

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