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Kenya - Masai Mara 2

Spotted, speckled, dotted - this is the meaning of "mara", the descriptive name given by the Maasai people for this land of trees, shrub, savannah and shadows made by the clouds that hover over the plains.

Ever changing and diverse, stretches of lush green plains and rolling savannah support an immense variety of wildlife creatures. From big game, big cats, and the great wildebeest migration, to immense skies, sweeping horizons, beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage – the Mara offers an African safari that has no match.

Kenya Olonana - Migration


The Masai Mara holds one of the highest concentrations of lion in the world. Cheetah and leopards are a common sight in the Mara, as are hyena and smaller predators such as jackals. The Mara is home to an astounding number of zebra, giraffe, gazelle, elephant and buffalo while the acacia forests are plentiful of a variety of bird species. The Mara also sets the stage for the two million strong wildebeest and zebra that migrate annually across its plains. From July to October, more than 1.3 million wildebeest come together before plunging forward through the waters, creating a frenzy as they fight against the currents and waiting crocodiles. The wildebeest bring new life to the Mara, not just through their cycle of regeneration of the grasslands, but for the predators who follow the herds.