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“Leave room for the wildlife” has been the ethic of Lewa for generations. At the foot of Mount Kenya, spanning 62,000 acres and adjoining the pristine Ngare Ndare Forest, Lewa is the headquarters for a non-profit wildlife conservancy.

The sanctuary protects the Grevy’s zebra and sitatunga. It holds the largest single population of Grevy’s zebras in the world. It is also home to 70 mammal species as well as 400 bird species. A catalyst for conservation, it is also a model for ensuring that conservation benefits local communities. Lewa is so much more than simply a memorable holiday, it’s a way to make a contribution to conservation.

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LEWA wildlife

This privately owned 60,000 acre game reserve is a premier wildlife haven. Although only 30 miles north of the Equator, you will find several animal species not seen in the southern hemisphere including reticulated giraffe, endangered Grevy zebra and blue-skinned Somali ostrich. Lion, leopard, cheetah and up to 200 elephant call this home along with the greater kudu and the graceful Gerenuk antelope with its long neck. Several springs bubble out on the reserve to feed the perennial streams that ensure plentiful wildlife sightings year-round. One of these springs trickles into the Lewa swamp, home to hippo and the rare sitatunga antelope.