Sanctuary Olonana

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The Masai Mara Reserve is legendary for its abundance of wildlife. Big Cat country all year round, and it's also the stage for the biggest show on earth - the Great Migration.

From around July to October, millions of grunting wildebeest and zebra blanket the plains, often crossing the Mara River and moving between Tanzania and Kenya.

Recent Sightings at Sanctuary Olonana

Olonana Migration Sep 2014

The Great Migration has started in the Masai Mara, with many dramatic river crossings with huge crocodiles preying on the zebra and wildebeest as they try to cross the river. There were many warthogs, gazelles, baboons, giraffes, zebras and other wildlife spending time nearby the camp, away from the migratory action which has been fun for the guests.

Sightings March 2014 V2

Buffaloes, lions, elephants and hyenas were spotted almost every day in recent months - what a brilliant treat this was for guests at Sanctuary Olonana! Cheetahs were also quite frequently seen by those on game drives.

Elephant Centre V3

June 2015 - The famous Great Migration has begun in the Masai Mara. Many wildebeest and zebra were spotted; and river crossings were seen too. Elephant, lion, cheetah, hyena and buffalo were seen every day during game viewing activities; and leopards were seen on 10 days of the month.

Olonana Lion Cubs

With the Great Migration getting under way, it is the perfect time for lions to raise their cubs. Guests have seen several different lion prides recently, including many with small cubs. This has meant guests have enjoyed seeing all sides of the lions' personalities, from affectionate mothers to brutal killers.

Cheetah V3

Cheetahs have also been spotted with relative frequency on the Mara, either hunting alone or with cubs.