Sanctuary Masai Mara Seasonal Camp

Mara Activities

Hot Air Ballooning


Your balloon is inflated against the first rays of sunrise and once aloft floats gently over the plains and the plethora of game. The balloon lands around one hour after taking off with breakfast being prepared nearby. The smells of bacon, sausages and eggs drift on the breeze as you begin breakfast with platefuls of exotic Kenyan fruits and homemade pastries and, of course, glasses of bubbly to toast your flight.

Kenya Olonana - Flying excursion in Vintage Plane


A flight of a lifetime in a bi-plane of the golden era, with all the performance and safety requirements of a modern aircraft. This open cock-pit aircraft can carry two passengers side-by-side while the pilot flies from the rear. The hour long flight is a dream ride in the Finch-Hatton tradition. These popular bi-planes were originally manufactured in the 1920s and 30s by Weaver Aircraft Company hence the rather odd name Waco. Wacos have a beautiful leather interior, the best music intercom system and a three-way camera system that will enable passengers to take this once-in-a-life-time flying experience home.

Prices on request, based on availability.