Galapagos 10


island excursions

Our land excursions provide in-depth, up-close and personal views of what makes each island on each itinerary so unique. Here you can enjoy the spectacular and diverse landscape landscapes and walk among fascinating fauna in their natural habitat. Learn firsthand about the volcanic islands and the mysteries that they hold. Hikes with our certified naturalist-guides within the reserve will enhance the experience, during which you will explore the concept of evolution. 


Snorkelling Galapagos


Prior or after the island excursions there is often an opportunity to snorkel to explorer the amazing underwater world of the archipelago. It is not unusual to share the marine environment with sea lions, rays, turtles, sharks, flightless cormorants, penguins, marine iguanas, a multitude of fish and of course the ever playful sea lions and fur seals. We offer two types of snorkeling: From the beach for the beginners or from the dinghy for the more experienced guests. The use of the equipment plus the wetsuit is complimentary on board. Your guides will always stay with you in the water and the dinghy driver keeps the group together, safety is given at all times.

Kayaking Galapagos


For those who don't want to snorkel, kayaking is an excellent opportunity to explore the wildlife close up along the cliffs and in the water. Due to the clear waters in the archipelago guest will be able to observe sea turtles, sea lions, rays and even dolphins from the safe base of their double kayak. Your guide and a dinghy are always nearby. No prior experience is required.


Exterior And Dingy

Panga rides

At certain visitor points in the islands we are not allowed to go on shore and excursions are made with the dinghies along the shores, which gives guests the opportunity to study the spectacular Galapagos geography, paddle through tranquil mangroves and observe marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, penguins, sea birds and much more. Dinghies carry no more than 12 passengers and all passengers can fully enjoy the magic of being part of one of the last true wildernesses on Earth

Whale watching

whale watching

Although sightings are not guaranteed, with a keen eye and some luck you may see some whales during your cruise, especially between June and September. An announcement will always be made of a whale is spotted.