Galapagos 6

7 night Genovesa cruise

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Day 1


Arrive at the airport in Baltra & be transferred to the dock. Check-in to your cabin before attending an introductory briefing & saftey drill. After lunch take a Panga ride to Mosquera Islet. Mosquera Islet is a tiny islet, home to a huge population of sea lions and also home to many shorebirds. While at Mosquera, keep your eyes peeled as there are occasional reports of dolphins and orcas. Return to the boat for a welcome cocktail and dinner.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 2


Disembark at Sullivan Bay known for its spectacular volcanic formations, relatively young pahoehoe lava flows, and unique geological scenery. Pay particular interest to the low-lying pioneer plant known locally as "mollugo" as well as the lava cactus. After lunch visit Bartolome Island, a small island that has two visitor sites. At the first site, you can snorkel around Pinnacle Rock, where penguins are usually seen. Then, it's a short dinghy ride for a climb to the highest point on the island or a panga ride if you prefer. On the way up, you will encounter different volcanic formations, including spatter and tuff cones, lava flow and lava tubes.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 3


Visit Urbina Bay, located in western Isabela, at the foot of Alcedo volcano where you may be able to observe sea turtles nesting. You may also see wild roaming Galapagos tortoises which like to feed within the site's dense vegetation. After lunch visit Tagus Cove, historically used as an anchoring place for pirates, buccaneers and whalers. Here you will see the names of hundreds of ships painted on the high ridges (a practice now forbidden). While exploring the channel between Fernandina and Isabela Islands, we sometimes encounter dolphins and whales.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 4


Visit Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island, a narrow piece of land where some of the most unique Galapagos species can be seen, including the flightless cormorant. La Cumbre Volcano last erupted in April 2009, and also dominates the landscape, with lava fields  stretching towards the ocean from its base.After lunch take a panga ride along Punta Vicente Roca or deep water snorkel. Punta Vicente Roca is a great snorkelling site, where you can usually see turtles as well as all kinds of fish and a panga ride will give you the opportunity to study some of the Galapagos' spectacular geological rock formations.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 5


Wet landing at Puerto Egas, Santiago Island where you can swim and snorkel. Puerto Egas has tidal pools which are home to organisms, including sea urchins, octopus and starfish. The trail leads to the Fur Sea Lion Grottos, one of the only places in the islands where these unique animals can be seen. After lunch visit Espumilla Beach for hike, panga ride, swimming or snorkelling. The Palo Santo forest at Espumilla has some of the tallest specimens of plant species in the entire archipelago. Also look out for the Galapagos Hawk as well as Darwin's finches. The beach is an important site for nesting marine turtles.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 6


Disembark for your transfer from the yacht to Puerto Ayora and visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station accompanied by a guide. On your visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station you will gain insight into the huge efforts being made by scientists, guides, rangers and park managers to preserve this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see the famous Galapagos tortoises that are the islands' namesake. Afterwards take a bus ride to the highlands of Santa Cruz to see wild giant tortoises. Return for lunch followed by an afternoon at leisure.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 7


Dry landing at El Barranco on Genovesa Island for kayaking or panga ride. El Barranco is a steep path with stairs carved into the rock which leads to a plateau full of bird life amongst a Palo Santo forest. The continue to Darwin Bay Beach. Darwin Bay's soft, coralline white sand is only the beginning of a spectacular excursion. A trail from the beach takes you into lush mangroves where red footed boobies nest. Snorkeling is a must here as sharks, colorful reef fish, rays and tortoises are common. Enjoy some beach time, snorkel or panga ride before returning on board for a farewell cocktail and dinner.

Overnight: Athala II

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Day 8


Before breakfast take an optional short hike at North Seymour Island. North Seymour may very well be the perfect way to say goodbye to the Galapagos Islands. Although the island is characterized by arid vegetation, fauna abounds and you will soon find yourself surrounded by frigates, blue footed boobies, land iguanas and more. After breakfast take your luggage out and vacate cabins before snacks in the al fresco dining area. Disembark for airport transfer.

Overnight: Depart the Galapagos