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Sanctuary, to us, means refuge, a place to escape the storm of everyday life. It means to switch off, relax and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer, whether that be watching the circle of life on the plains of Africa, or uncovering the mysteries of the Orient by river boat. This is what it means to us. But what does it mean to you?

With 2016 hovering on the horizon, we want you to ask yourself this question. We want you to really think about what defines your sanctuary. Is it the idea of a self-indulgent spa treatment? Perhaps your sanctuary is a tranquil bolthole that brings you a sense of spirituality? Whatever it is, we want to make 2016 the year you find it.

To help you along on your quest we've put together a guide to what sanctuary means for us, in the hope this will give you some inspiration!

Location, Location, Location

Rather than simply focusing on the architecture of our camps and lodges we have created properties that ooze luxury, coming as much from their location as from their design. With our safari lodges and camps, it is important to ensure that these are as close to nature as one can imagine. They not only provide a sanctuary for our guests, but also for the local communities and wildlife where our lodges and camps are based.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is the only luxury camp within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to half the world's remaining population of mountain gorilla. Due to the camp's location, it is frequently visited by gorilla families and is also the perfect base from which to go gorilla trekking.

Sanctuary Olonana also finds itself in a unique location on a private stretch of the Masai Mara. This luxury tented accommodation finds itself at the foot of the impressive Siria Escarpment, close to where the famous last scene from "Out of Africa" was filmed. It also gives guests a front row seat from which to watch the infamous Great Migration.

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Switch Off

While our properties and ships do have Wi-Fi, you'll be hard pushed to find an excuse to use it. In fact, we strongly recommend that the best way to experience the true sanctuary experience is to completely switch off from the outside world and delve into the culture, nature and activities offered by your chosen destination.

On board our cruise ships in Egypt, we have a policy of no mobile phones and laptops in the common areas. If you find this irritating when you arrive, you won't as soon as you step out onto the deck of the ship and experience what it is like to sail the Nile and watch as we slowly amble by ancient monuments and striking scenery.

Sanctuary Baines' Camp is our smallest and most intimate camp with only five suites set on elevated platforms in the tree line within an area of the Okavango Delta which is teaming with wildlife. What better way to unwind and reflect after a busy day of wildlife spotting than a long soak in a secluded star bath? This romantic experience is made all the more soothing thanks to the sounds of the Delta which fill the air.

Sanctuary Baines Camp Starbath

Superb Service, Delivered With Panache

A high standard of service has always been one of the cornerstones of a Sanctuary Retreats holiday, with staff training being one of the top priorities across all of our camps, lodges and cruises. We believe that if you look after your staff, your staff will look after your guests, and judging by the feedback we receive, we've got this right.

Our Myanmar river cruise, Sanctuary Ananda, has the largest suites on the Irrawaddy River and gives guests the opportunity to experience the 'Road to Mandalay' in ├╝ber luxury. Such a luxurious ship demands deluxe service and so our staff will wine and dine our guests, going above and beyond the call of duty to surprise and delight. For those staying in our largest suite, the Owner's Suite, guests will enjoy a personal butler and private guide.

Sanctuary Swala is consistently ranked as the number one accommodation in Tarangire National Park thanks, in part, to the immense level of care and attention given by our staff. From meeting you with hot towels at the end of your game drive to fulfilling your wishes before you've even had the chance to share them, the staff are always passionate and prepared.

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So, where will you find your sanctuary in 2016?