A Festival of Light or Festival of Colour?

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Asia is a melting pot of other-worldly cultures, vibrant landscapes and unique festivities. In particular, both China and Myanmar are renowned worldwide for their bright and colourful festivals. At any time of year you might find yourself swept up in a local celebration, taken hand in hand by the local people and given an insight into their lives, loves and values. This November, two of the continent’s most exciting and vivid events will be taking place across China and Myanmar. But which one would you like to experience?

Festival of Light:

The Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights marks the eighth full moon in the Burmese calendar and will be held this year on 25th November. This extremely scenic festival is one of the prettiest in Asia, with many of the country's religious sites being lit up by oil lamps and Chinese lanterns. Think of Chiang Mai's famous Lantern Festival, but minus the throngs of tourists and gimmicky parades.

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Across the country, communities come together to create a truly marvellous spectacle with many creating bamboo hot air balloons which glitter with the light of a hundred candles. In Bagan, the thousands of temples that litter the landscape become beacons of light as pilgrims travel from far and wide to make their offerings. 

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For the few travellers who find themselves in Myanmar during this time, this is an experience like no other. As the day's light fades, the sky begins to twinkle with candles, balloons and lanterns, many of them home made. For guests on Sanctuary Ananda, we will be organising a special surprise to ring in the Festival of Light…

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Festival of Colour:

From one of the brightest festivals in Asia, we move onto one of the most colourful. Unlike Tazaungdaing Festival, China's festival of colour is one of nature's greatest triumphs, as the maple trees that fill the banks of the Yangtze River begin to transform from green to gold to red. 

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November marks the peak of the 'Golden Season' for the region's red maple leaves, filling the surrounding landscapes with a kaleidoscope of autumnal hues. Visitors to the Yangzte River at this time of year will be treated to one of nature's most striking displays, with certain gorges overflowing with burnt oranges, bright reds and sultry scarlets. 

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Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer will cruise to some of the gorges that are particularly abundant with the maple trees, including the Three Gorges, Wu Mountain, and Goddess Peak. We will also have two special sailings to the Lesser Three Gorges, one of the best places to truly experience this natural wonder, on YE71 November 15-20 2015 and YE72 November 19-22 2015. 

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