Egypt Sun Boat III - River Cruise

"This was a very special holiday for our family. Our greatest thanks to Adel and his team. He is a perfectionist and it showed throughout this trip. The staff in particular was superb and the cruise was a wonderful experience for our children as well as the adults. No request was too difficult to sort for us!"

R. & C. Zeghibe

"The staff was very professional and hospitable to us. I had a wonderful time on the boat and the scheduled times were perfect. Thank you."

E. Fay

"The staff on board were great and on hand to help us whenever we needed it. The chefs were very accommodating when we asked for special requests and the service was always excellent. Thanks for a great trip!"

E. & H. Zeghibe

"All of the Sanctuary team were so helpful, efficient & kind. We will have no hesitation in recommending your service to our friends. The atmosphere was relaxing and nothing was too much trouble. We look forward to returning soon."

Mr & Mrs. Butler

"The politeness and attentiveness of the staff was always excellent on board. The food was delicious and there were plenty of choices on offer. The Egyptian dishes were wonderful and we were happy to try the Egyptian wines which are very good, especially the rosé."

Mr & Mrs. Meyer