Yangtze River Cruise - Luxury Cruise China's Greatest River

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China's landscapes are vast, its history and monuments epic. Complex and energetic - this country must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

The Yangzi River, the world's third longest river at 6,280 kilometres (3,900 miles), is the symbolic lifeline of China. Flowing from Tibet to Shanghai, and cutting through the dramatic mountains of the Yangzi river basin, the Chinese people have long seen the river's power and beauty as representing the nation itself. Historically, the Yangzi served as a divider between northern and southern China, a natural barrier against invaders and a waterway for transport and commerce. The river basin is the country's heartland, home to 500 million people - a tenth of the world's population.

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why choose a china river cruise?

  • Experience 5,000 years of culture in luxury

  • Variety of incredible scenery and extraordinary landscapes

  • Eat authentic Chinese food

  • The Three Gorges area of the Yangzi River is stunning and offers a glimpse into rural Chinese life

  • With some 56 recognised ethnic minority groups, China is a diverse collection of different peoples and traditions