The new 'royal cubs'

Image for The new 'royal cubs'

Our team at Chichele Presidential Lodge are celebrating the arrival of 3 lion cubs, nicknamed the 'royal cubs' after sharing their birthday month with Prince George.

The cubs are part of the 'new' Chichele pride - a pride of lions that reside in the Chichele area. This litter of cubs is the first litter from our male lion called Shaka. Shaka grew up in the Chichele area and left his pride when he reached maturity. He disappeared for about 8 months and we were delighted when he returned late last year with 3 females and a young male! We have have named them the 'New Chichele Pride'.

This litter of cubs is great news for the pride and we hope that they will all survive. They are at their most vulnerable at the moment, as cub fatality in lions is very high. This is because predators, such as hyenas and leopard, attack the cubs whilst the adults are out hunting as they know that one day the cubs will grow up and become direct competition for food.

We will be keeping a close eye on them!