Africa in 360˚ Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard

Image for Africa in 360˚ Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard now lets you explore the world in Virtual Reality using the Google Street View app. So we sent our intrepid Google Street View photographer out on the road to visit our Southern Africa properties so you can now 'virtually' experience our lodges and camps from the comfort of your armchair!

Step 1

To get started you need to get a viewer. The basic viewers are widely available and can be bought cheaply online. 

Viewer Cropped

Step 2

Download the Google Cardboard app on you smart phone. The Google Cardboard app is available from iTunes or Google Play.

Step 3

Once you have your viewer and Cardboard app the final step is to download the Google Street View app on your smartphone.

With the Street View app for Apple iOS or Google Android, walking through our camps and lodges in Africa is just a button press away.

To do this download the Street View app on your iPhone or Android phone. 

Step 4

To virtually transport yourself to Africa, simply type the name of the Sanctuary property into the search bar and wait for Street View locations to populate. Once you've picked a property, hit the little VR headset/Cardboard icon in the top right corner, pop your phone into your Cardboard viewer and, voilà,  you're now on safari with Sanctuary Retreats!

Baines Cropped

If you want to "move around," wait until you see a forward-facing arrow, then press your Cardboard's action button.

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Our properties currently available are:

Botswana: Sanctuary Baines’ CampSanctuary Stanley’s CampSanctuary Sussi & Chuma

Sanctuary Chief's Camp is currently undergoing a complete redesign and rebuild and will also soon be available on Google Cardboard.

Kenya: Sanctuary Olonana

South Africa: Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge

Tanzania: Sanctuary Kusini, Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp, Sanctuary Swala, Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp

Uganda: Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Zambia: Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge, Sanctuary Puku Ridge, Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma

Of course, nothing is quite like the real experience, and we’re sure that once you have had a virtual tour it won’t be long before you will want to experience the reality.



New 360˚YouTube videos

We have also launched a series of Virtual Reality 360˚ videos of some of our favourite experiences. You can see these on YouTube simply using your desktop computer or mobile device (no need to download any apps). You can "move around" by moving your mouse or finger on the video.